TRISHNA (English: Thirst) – a painful story of struggle


A newly published novel “TRISHNA” written by Mr Rabi Chandra Bhattarai was released by the NRN personalities during the 9th NRNA European Regional Meeting in July 2016 in Copenhagen. The story and the plot of the novel is very interesting and spell bounding. The language of TRISHNA is easy to understand and carry clear messages. It is a story of struggle und sufferings of a Nepalese youth while migrating illegally into Europe.

Due to the non-conducive economic and socio-political situations, thousands of Nepalese youths have been deserting their hamlets, with the dreams of better future, for developed countries. During their journey, they go through unbearable pain and sufferings. The novel is a vivid picture of such sufferings.

In his introduction, the author writes, “He himself is the main character of the novel”. He has been living in Austria for about 12 years. He is also active in social organizations and is a member of Non-Resident Nepali Association, International Coordination Council.

The quest for language, literature and culture of origin is unique among Diasporas. By supporting diasporic Nepalese writers, one will move forward in achieving that quest of Nepalese diaspora. – B. Shrestha



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